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we specialize in player development in all aspects / career / technical, cognitive & mental development.

Upon acceptance from lead agent, and invitation once our players begin their football journey with us. We simplify their career by outlining their goals and objectives in soccer. Once that is settled, the detailed career plan is outlined. Followed by weekly session for improvement on technical, tactical or 1v1 sessions. 

Mental strength is determined by constant work. And focus is not only on the field but off it as well. We don't leave any stone unturned. But we require full commitment on the part of our players. 



fifa agent / uefa licensed coach

Bedir Özdemir

All my career, main focus has been player growth and why few become a pro footballers.
To learn about this, I've started my journey as a football enthusiast growing up in Canada. Hence my early 20's I've travelled and lived in U.K. Here I obtained my licenses for all age groups, solidified my network and learned from the elite coaches in the sport. 
Why did I start off with this story? I want my clients to understand their weaknesses and work on them, have total focus in honing their skills both on and off the field I don't want them to leave a stone unturned, our journey for your growth will be a continuous. My clients know I'm never satisfied in spite of success, because failure is not far away and to be an elite footballer, mindset and hard work ethics are important. You should know, I've got a strong foundation coaching young players as a professional coach. 
And I've coached with various Turkish Super Lig Academies Galatasaray & Besiktas to name a few. 
I have stepped out of football and diverged in to law to understand contract law. And worked as a licensed life coach. Now I can truly work with my clients 1 on 1 with their way to becoming a professional. This type of partnership might not work for most people, but with the right character and talent, I know we can reach unbelievable career success together. There won't be any "luck in your growth" because, we will work night and day, everyday until you've completed a career you can look back and be happy about. 
head scout & administrator

Cenker Muhammad

Throughout my life, I have been dedicating professional footballers to reach their full potential by analyzing their performance and supporting them mentally and physically for their success.

I started my career back in 2018, where I was 17 and I started to work with professional footballers from Turkey. I started to market their brand on social media and it was a success as I grew over a clientele of 20 footballers. As connections started to grow, I wanted to take this work into performance analysis instead of just focusing on brand marketing. In late 2019, I started adding performance analysis and with dedication and hard work, the footballers I worked with became even more successful with their performance and reached where they want to see themselves at.

This work I’ve mastered took me into the direction of making connections and clientele of over 80 footballers; not only Turkish football but, additionally Gulf football in Asia, European and Domestically in Canada.

My career also added a new addition to my football culture, I have obtained transfer support for clubs and fellow footballers I work with. I have successfully completed transfers for the fellow footballers I work with for the clubs I have close relations with.

Magnus FA is a new chapter for my career, where I want to focus on domestic potential talents and dedicate them to achieve their dream of becoming a professional footballer. Myself and Magnus FA are here to write a story for you and for ourselves, with goals, intention, hardwork and dedication, the results come and we are here for you.

Phanuel Gunn Team Ontario
Abiel Gunn
TFC Phanuel Gunn

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